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Thank you for making an appointment with us. We are so looking forward to welcoming you, however, we are having to make changes to keep you safe from Covid-19 whilst in the salon. This means that with your cooperation, we will all follow a new set of procedures. These are as listed below:


  • It is your responsibility not to come to the salon for an appointment if you have any of the symptoms listed below or if you have come into contact with anyone with these symptoms within the last fourteen days. 

    A new persistent cough: This means coughing continually for an hour or more or having 2 or more coughing episodes in any 24hr period. 
    A fever: This means having a temperature over 37.8. having a hot chest or back or having spells warm/cold and shivery. 
    Short of breath: This means searching for air when just doing normal every day things. 


  • Please come to your appointment alone to limit numbers in the salon. 


  • Please come to your appointment on time. Please wait at the front door until one of our therapists comes to let you in. If you are late to your appointment, it may have to be cut down or rearranged. 


  • Once in the salon you will be asked to use a hand sanitiser to wash your hands. Your temperature will be taken with a forehead thermometer. Assuming your temperature is normal we will proceed with your treatment safely. 


  • Please maintain social distancing of two metres in public areas where possible

  • Please wear a mask to your appointment. 

  • If you are coming for an appointment and are classed as a high-risk client please let us know as soon as possible as we may need to alter the appointment time when the salon is less busy. 


  • Your therapist will be in  PPE.

  • Payment – the card machine will be used contactless where possible and wiped down in between each client. Cash will be accepted but sterilised straight away in a UV steriliser box. 


  • If you are a nail client it is optional for you to buy a nail package at a cost and those items will only be used on yourself however all files, buffers etc will be disinfected in between clients. 


  • There has been a price increase to cover costs.  


Other things you should know are that:


  • All salon staff will have their temperatures checked each morning.

  • After each treatment all beds and nail desks, all hard surfaces and door handles will be cleaned. 

  • All tools and equipment will be disinfected in between each client and what can't be disinfected will be disposable and thrown away. 

  • Therapists will be operating a strict hand washing procedure. 

  • Throughout the day we will be cleaning and disinfecting all public areas, toilets and hallways of the salon. 

  • The salon will be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of every day to a high standard. 


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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