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Lip Blush (also known as Lip Tattoo or Permanent Lipstick) is a professional cosmetic and aesthetic procedure that uses a machine similar to a tattoo machine to implant colour pigment (of the client’s choice) into the dermis of the lips, resulting in fuller and more defined looking lips.

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  • As previously mentioned, Lip Blush saves time. You will no longer need to perfect your perfect pout as Lip Blush can last up to 5 years. 

  • Saves aggravation of trying to perfect application, especially for clients who lack symmetry in their lips as the Artist can rectify small imperfections such as this.

  • Convenient. You will no longer need to spend time shopping for your perfect shade once your favourite lipstick has run out, especially when you discover they have discontinued your favourite shade and have to hang around in the store searching for the next best shade!

  • Smudge free. Your colour will stay where it belongs all day and night and will be one less thing to remove during your bedtime routine.

  • Long lasting. Your colour can be retained up to 5 years.

  • Long term investment. Negating the need to purchase regular lipstick is not only convenient, but also a saving. Of course the brand and price of your favourite lipstick needs to be considered, but it is highly likely that even at the cheaper lipstick price end, you will be making a long term investment, especially if like me, you misplace your lippy now and again. However, with that said, it should be noted that even though you will have a colour on your lips through Lip Blushing, you can still apply normal lipstick on top to boost your look (such as a darker shade for evening), but that of course is entirely up to you.


  • Mothers and individuals with busy lifestyles who welcome time saving techniques 

  • Women (or men) who lack lip definition or wish to camouflage any darkness on their lip

  • Clients who lack symmetry on their lips

  •  Disabled / partially sighted individuals who struggle with their makeup routine




The time the lip blush lasts all depends on the treatment intensity and lifestyle factors, lip tattooing can last anywhere from 1-3 years. The pigment will fade naturally and lighten over this time. 

How Long Does Lip Blush Take to Heal


It takes approximately 5 to 10 days for the lips to heal superficially. However, they are not truly healed until 8 weeks which is why your top up session is not scheduled before this period. At the truly healed stage, your skin will have digested the pigment fully and your lips will be closer to the colour you chose initially. At your top up, any minor adjustment to colour can be made.


Colour Reboost
FROM £150.00 - £250.00
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